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5Triclinic and rhombohedral structures of Lithium Zirconate Phosphates, pure and doped4 Appl. Phys. Lett. 117, 011903 (2020) Download Download
4Set of lead-free hybrid organic inorganic perovskites with good properties for solar cell applications.4 JCP 152, 014104 (2020) Download Download
3 Set of low-energy structures predicted for 11 binary compounds of Sn and S.369 JPCC 122, 17067 (2018) Download Download
2Set of low-energy structures predicted for 13 binary compounds of Mg and Si.358 PRM 2, 023803 (2018) Download Download
1Set of atomic structures predicted for some hybrid organic inorganic perovskites.6 PRB 92, 094105 (2016) Download Download

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